Web Development Overview

Activities involved in the creation of a website is web development. It includes simple page of HTML text to complex.
Hierarchy of Web Development

  • Database technology
  • Server-side coding
  • Client-side coding

Web Developer Jobs

Skills Required

  • Able to write HTML & CSS
  • Have a knowledge of basic application in an OOP Language like Python, Ruby, PHP
  • Ability to work on Version Control System like Git
  • Host Website
  • Able to layout a web application
  • JavaScript (or jQuery)
  • Manage a domain’s DNS settings
  • Make a website working

Web Developer Jobs Duties

  • Designing a Website using Coding
  • Communicating with Colleagues
  • Corporate with Team for more Innovations
  • Can fetch data using various back end data services and database.

Professional Path of Web Developer

If you are planning to make your career in Web Developer jobs. Specialization in following areas is required:

  • Web Designer: They basically designs the website. There focus is more on HTML, CSS, Query, Ajax etc. Preferably works on front end.
  • Coder: Their main focus is on back end such as Java, PHP, Python, .NET etc. Including front end .
  • Web Developer: They are the combination of Web Designer and Coder. Has to work on front end as well as on back end. They are the experts.