Through humans of standards services we are trying to bring out journey of our team showing that every person is unique, inspirational, and relatable. We believe in the power of human experiences and its influence all over the journey called life. Sometimes we strive for a light of finding people who we can relate with and feel at comfort of knowing we are not alone. So, here we present to you our first series of People of Standards Services.

About Our Company:

Standards Services is a Recruitment Firm based in Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi. We fulfil our Client Companies’ manpower needs with best possible talent in town.  Standards Services is the go to solution of major IT and Domestic firms’ talent acquisition needs. We connect right people with right organisations. Our role as an IT consultant is to work in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. We work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in various organizations. We provide strategic guidance to clients with regard to technology and IT infrastructures and will enable major business processes through enhancements to IT. We are also called upon to provide guidance and technical expertise during other processes as well, such as selection and procurement and user training and feedback.

Standards Services Building
Mukesh Kaushik MD

Mr. Mukesh Kaushik (MD)

“It has been a sweet roller coaster ride for me. At a very early age I understood that I’m meant for business but understanding where to invest my time and energy came with its own ups and downs and a better sense of clarity for my real calling. I started Standards Services on 17th January 2011 with the idea of bringing right employees and the right organisations together. This was the vision with which standards services started as my brainchild. I began contacting organisations to understand their employee needs. I understood that most of the people when looking for an employee are looking for people who can become a part of the team and work in a way that is profitable for them in achieving the company goals as well as have an emotional compatibility with the organisation’s environment. When I started gathering my standards services team, I followed the same rule. The most important thing I took care of while hiring for my company was their compatibility in the company’s environment as well as the professional skills. I tried to inculcate the vision in them with which I started the company and made sure that when they get down to recruiting people for other organisations, they too pick people with right attitude for our clients.”

Mr. Ankit Kaushik (Client Co-ordinator)

To me Standards Services is a place that defines who I am. It gives me an identity of being an essential component of an organisation that was born in front of my eyes. Standards Services is the place that I have evolved with ever since it started. I have been working here as a client co-ordinator and I am the link between the recruiters and the clients. This job role requires major dedication and constant communication with the recruiter, candidate and the client company. I have to take a call and work things out with the client or candidate even if it’s at 1AM in the night. But all the hard work pays off. Every time I hear a client praising about the candidate they hired through us, it makes me immensely happy.

Ankit Kaushik
Mishika Moorpana

Mishika Moorpana (BDM)

I got associated with Standards Services in 2015 as Business Development Manager. To me this place is about personal growth and realizing my full potential. I interact with clients and bring business for the firm on the daily basis. To me this amount of interaction in the beginning was a little out of my comfort zone. But as they say, success never comes from being in the comfort zone; it comes from constant hustle, learning from the situational demands and making every zone as our comfort zone. At Standards Services, my communication skills, persuasion skills and confidence in myself has increased many folds. I believe this feeling is essential as it gives a sense of self worth and this is what I’ve promoted in the company also. I feel that a company can grow only when your employees are growing. I believe in becoming an essential part of our every employee’s career growth plan and being their go-to- person. This organisation has helped me evolve my personality altogether and I wish to have the same impact on the new joining as well.   

Ishpreet Kaur (Senior HR Executive)

I came to Standards Services with completely different educational and professional background. I was too anxious before joining the company because of my inexperience in the field of Human Resource. But, as they say that with the right guidance and hard work anything is possible. At Standards Services I received a proper training and I was given enough opportunities to hone my skills as a Human Resource Executive. I learnt about the company’s needs in and out and worked on them with complete dedication. I joined the company in March’18 and since then I’ve seen only ups in my professional life. I believe when given the right attention to the employees they give back double productivity in return.

Ishpreet Kaur
Divya Rawat

Divya Rawat (Client Co-ordinator)

When I started working in Standards Services in 2017, I was looking for a firm where my potential could be used 100% and my hard work would be addressed that very moment. The best thing about standards services is here return on investment is very high. You get what you work for and the management doesn’t take years for them to give you what you deserve. Within two years I have got three promotions and seven salary increments. I mean it takes years for people to get even a single promotion or increment in other companies. I have received every bit of appreciation for my hard work here. I have been awarded as ‘Employee of the month’ 9/12 months and never has the incentive been missed. I believe that’s what keeps me here is the constant motivation I get here to give 100% each day and get 110% in return.

Divyanshi Rastogi (BDM)

I got associated with Standards Services in 2018 as Business Development Executive. This company allows me to learn a new field. The thing which I like about Standards Services is we respect each other irrespective of the designations we hold. The company provides immense opportunities to communicate with the company direction and inform employees how they fit into the bigger picture. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of this organization where I can explore my skills and knowledge to the best of my abilities. I always look forward to giving my 100% to the company to contribute it to the newer heights.

Divyanshi Rastogi
Abhilasha Pandit

Abhilasha Pandit (Team Leader)

Standards Services to me has been my strength and like a family to me. I give my cent percent to the company and the company gives me back more than that and this is what has made me build trust in this job. I have seen ‘My Dream Come True’ and that would not have been possible without Mr. Mukesh Kaushik Sir. I feel grateful that he trusts me in whatever I do and encourages me on every part. I have seen tremendous growth in myself and I feel fortunate to see where I am today. A heartfelt Thank You to Standards Services.

Akanksha Malyan (Team Leader)

At Standards Services I’ve received a huge amount of recognition for my work that any other company would have taken years to give. From increments to promotion and ultimately to the respect, I’ve received everything in this company. Standards Services knows how to value its employees and make space for their growth. I started working at Standards Services in October’17 and ever since then I’ve only seen ups in my confidence, personality and communication skills.  

Akansha Malayan
Sakshi Dhar

Sakshi Dhar (Team Leader)

I joined Standards Services in June’18 and was promoted as a Team Leader in November’18. To me Standards Services is a home away from home. I have learned, grown and evolved within my tenure here. The best part about Standards Services is the kind of safe environment it provides to everyone. Moreover, its majority of staff is female and their needs are fully taken care of. My family sitting miles away from me feels safe and secure when they see me working here and trust me, that is one of the biggest relief for any girl.

Nupur Sharma (Team Leader)

Standards Services led by Mr Mukesh Kaushik is in safe hands. Be it in maintaining professional standards or the company culture, the company is best in its league. The company provides ample opportunities to everyone to hone their skills and achieve their aspirations. The best thing I like about standards services is how Mr Mukesh and the Management team has maintained discipline in the company and balanced it with enough employee engagement policies.

Nupur Sharma