How is BPO as a career?

BPO is a term referred to as the concept of Business Process Outsourcing. It is a business protocol where a third-party is hired for the execution of specific business tasks.

BPO Sector

The best part of working in a Call Center is that the work is sorted and clean. There is no mess as there is no running around. As most of the work gets done through phone calls, people are seated in their respective places, focused on their work without disrupting the workplace environment.

Domestic BPO and International BPO

A domestic BPO is a place where people handle business outside India whereas, in the International call centers are where the dealings happen across India or overseas.

Growing Industry

BPO is undoubtedly a booming industry and a great career for aspiring graduates or even the management students. Though people miss out on the advantages of the profession because of the countless myths associated with it like work pressure, boring job culture, and the narrow qualification criteria, it definitely has some amazing factors that one should consider.

Opportunity to Work Overseas

Call center workers to get the opportunity to work overseas. All the prime call centers have their headquarters and offices abroad and it is a great way to get exposure to a larger section of people.

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Salaries in International BPO Profile

Salaries in Call Centers offer a great start and there are regular raises every year. Working in call centers is, in fact, a great opportunity to earn some quick money within a short time.

Qualification Criterion in BPO Jobs

Also, one of the top reasons why people enter this field is that it does not mandate top-level qualifications for the candidate. All that the candidate needs is to have is a basic 10+2 to enter, English Fluency, outspoken nature or at least a bachelor’s degree in B. Sc or BA.

On Job Training

If the applicant has the basic qualifications of good communication skills and a willingness to learn, BPO companies would hire them and then train them.

Call Center trains its employees about how to deal with customers and even pay you during your training period. The training usually lasts for a few weeks and often followed by practical experience.

Largest Employment Sector in India

The BPO industry provides some of the most lucrative job opportunities on the market today. But how do you get into this market? And, once there, what do you need to do to make the big bucks that people keep promising? We take a look at some of the answers.

Today, BPO is undoubtedly a booming profession. Reasons can be many – the generous pay package, great incentives, dynamic work environment and a brilliant opportunity to work with international clients. Today, we see both fresher candidates and even the experienced ones pursuing the career option.

BPO Jobs at Standards Services

Standards Services has been serving the employment business for more than 9 years now. And, we are actively looking for candidates for International BPO, who are willing to work with the top companies across Delhi NCR.

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