Is a Degree Important For Getting a Job??

People who believe that getting a good job is somewhere associated with having a bachelor’s degree, then they need to think twice. A college degree even though might have an impact on portraying an individual’s achievements but it is not the only factor determining a person’s intellect.

What is your thought on this problem? Do you think having a college certification on your resume can help you get a good job? If you think so, then we must let you know that the answers to the questions are a NO. Not Always!

Through this article, we’re going to give you a perspective of what the society has programmed in our mind and into our thought-process. And, how that single idea is slowly affecting our decision-making ability and how we are getting trapped into a rat race unintentionally.

Today when we look around, we see companies that value candidates who have an impressive resume that includes certifications of internships, training programs, and freelance projects of a candidate. These credentials help strengthen a candidate’s profile to a great extent because it represents the experience of the candidate.

Having a college degree is great and also, mandatory today for curating a successful professional career. For long, it has been considered as a standard that portrays a candidate’s qualification level in a resume, but to be frank, it is not all that an individual needs to have. There have been examples that prove that college dropouts or those who don’t have an exceptional professional backdrop also succeed and have been great achievers in life, whether personally or professionally. We have heard stories of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and many more down the line believe that you are more than your college grades.

So, as a job-seeker, one’s priority should be to follow companies that value their skill and help them hone their flair and employ this talent to generate productive results. And to make this turn into reality, one should start working on building up a strong resume and cover letter that briefs the employer and the company about you. Nothing is more important than letting your employer know about what you are capable of and how much experience you hold. Try to add a professional outlook to it by listing out your potential through the projects that you’ve handled and the responsibilities and achievements that you have shouldered.

Degrees are important to some extent but, that is not a parameter to determine the worthiness and capability of the individual. You may earn a college degree out of your intelligence, drive, and worthiness but, that does not make you eligible for securing a high-profile position in a top company because it would certainly like to watch your skills, and test your expertise and prior knowledge of the subject or of the responsibility that’s given to you.

People who prioritize college degrees essentially mean that your college or institute has brand recognition, has launched notable alumni, and subsequently, it is going to add up to your overall worthiness. And this is true to a certain degree. Parents today, are aware of the discrepancy in the educational sector, especially when it comes to a struggle that they undergo during a child’s college admission, the direction one takes to plan their professional career. Competition has raised, companies have burgeoned in top metro cities, the cost of living has soared and so do the industry demands.

For this reason, people believe in joining prestigious schools, colleges, and other degree institutions to graduate with brand degrees. But if having a brand college degree doesn’t impress you and an eminent college name doesn’t make you eligible for what your employer is looking for, then you’re on the right track! Without sweating it out on these insignificant doubts and queries, one should consider other ways of demonstrating with their career choices and prospects.

Why do people believe in college degrees as an important part of their bio-data?


A college degree opens up a bunch of opportunities in life and most importantly gives you satisfaction. A great job with better pay-scale, high-quality benefits, a big house, a well-raised family life, a stable bank balance and a secured future are all the happy phases that are entirely dependent on an individual’s caliber and their college qualification because it ultimately sets you up for your first job and all other career achievements that you grab or get.

why do you believe in college degrees

How your degree is still insufficient in analyzing your competence? And why you should stop worrying about this reason?


A college degree is not mandatory until you are willing to pursue a career in the legal department, or plan to become a doctor, surgeon or an architect. Not all jobs we do today demands having a piece of document that notifies our excellence and achievements, because a piece of paper is incompetent in listing out our qualifications. It is just a report card that assumes that you are a college graduate and therefore you know your craft and understand your job.

Many people believe that earning a degree is a tenuous procedure and that it is not more than a waste of time because they think they can better do without it. They are also aware that a college degree would push them to the same league that others are in. So, they think of doing something that is out of the box. Today, when everything is available on the internet, and there are other efficient means of getting well informed, it is an excellent way of starting from scratch and way earlier for a professional career.