Let’s Bust some Recruitment Myths!

Working in recruitment businesses might appear interesting and gratifying if you are compassionate and open to people. But this analysis and experience may vary as per the individual’s previous knowledge, understanding, and performance. Today, let us bust the top recruitment myths for you!

To begin with, let us first get into what recruitment is all about. In simple terms, recruitment is the action of procuring new candidates in companies as per their requirements. There are specific people employed for this job and as a recruiter, the person is essentially involved in:

  • Identifying job openings.
  • Assessing job requirements.
  • Reviewing applications along with the candidate’s work experience.
  • Screening and shortlisting potential resumes of candidates and calling them up to appear for interviews.
  • Negotiating salaries, and placing candidates as per pre-discussed company terms.

Also known as HR executives, these qualified individuals are also responsible for managing consistency and compliance in the recruitment process.


This article focuses on some of the prominent factors that drive people into this job, but, recruitment is not always exciting and impactful as people perceive it to be and here we have tried to bust the myths associated with the profession.

  • Recruitment Myth 1: The process involves generous package: Recruitment business often attracts people because they’re motivated by enticing salary packages. But this emolument doesn’t come flowing in easy if you’re not able to contribute to the organization. If you lack efforts and are unable to achieve your targets in placing individuals in companies, your hard work is in vain and your position and package are likely to get affected. Though recruiters go the extra mile to make more placements to obtain incentives, it is certainly a hard-hitting job. Also, it entirely depends on the number of candidate conversions you can make by the end of your project that decides your appraisals and incentives.
  • Recruitment Myth 2: Recruitment means freedom and control: Recruiters face challenging situations. Though there is a fair deal of freedom over how to choose candidates and how to carry out the entire procedure, in most cases, the employees start considering their position sufficiently superior to others in the company and often get driven. 
  • Recruitment Myth 3: Recruitment only means having excellent communication: Not a mandate. Working as an employment executive does not only require one to have great communication skills, but an equally great listening ability. The HR executive should strike a perfect balance between giving out details and acknowledging the other person at the same time.
  • Recruitment Myth 4: Recruitment is an easy job: People often assume that an employment consultant’s job is all about having a chit-chat, sipping coffee while talking to candidates, and endlessly convincing people on calls. But, the fact is, it is one of the most demanding jobs in the market today! A recruiter constantly needs to push himself to stay positive and build confidence, and present himself with great attitude, and dynamism no matter how hard the situations get.

While executing recruitment in a company, as a strategic recruiter you should engage the candidate in meaningful employment discussions. For this, you should understand the nature of your business first, learn about where is it heading to and what you’re looking for in your potential candidate.

If you’re thinking of getting into recruitment job, sideline all your assumptions (whether positive or negative), overlook the clichés, and made-up ideas and give it all your heart and mind. A recruitment job is rewarding, dynamic and wholesome as it gives dimensional views to your job and makes you a better person in totality.