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Effective Manpower Solutions

We understand that hard times never knock before arriving! With small firms almost shutting down while other companies facing a challenging time in keeping up with the business requirements, we can help them get over this crisis scenario. By incorporating new manpower who can work as per your business module, we can assist you with the best manpower solutions whenever there is a need.

 Would you like us to assist in your search for premium talent?

The industries that we serve and have association with know the worth of our work. We believe that a vast and challenging market requires innovative and reliable manpower solutions. And, when it comes to Human Resources and employment, Standards Services stands out of the league.

Why Standards Services?

Established in the year 2011, we are one of the renowned placement agencies in Delhi today that helps connect active job seekers with companies looking for talent and vice-versa. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Delhi, Standards Services has been assisting jobseekers and professionals to reach out the ideal sphere of work. We associate with employees to find suitable talent to help them thrive in business. If you are still confused and not aware of where to start, you can come over at our place at have a talk! We will be happy to assist you to bring in the best employees.

People rely on us for their business requirements and we source them with the best solution that not only fits in to their business module but also help keep up with their business stature.


With changing times, companies are facing issues with their manpower and staffing requirements. We ensure our services provide our clientele with the best of what they are looking for. Standards Services has been serving the job market for around 10 years and our transparent hiring procedure helps companies find their ideal match for their vacant position.

Standards Services – The Leading Manpower Consultancy in Delhi

Our seamless placement services in Delhi got us where we are today. Today, we can proudly say that we are growing leaps and bounds and are at the peak of the staffing game. Our chain of clients believes us, trusts us and we are grateful to serve them every time.

How we work?

We are a recruitment consultancy with an experienced panel of HR Recruiters. Along with that, we have a well organized management team that works thoroughly throughout the selection process. From screening desirable candidates as per their eligibility criteria that suit the business and the industry till the time they get placed in companies – we make sure to facilitate the process throughout in the best possible way.

Other than that, we have generous range of candidates who get recruited in companies’ everyday and we take pride in this admirable staff retention percentage. Our expert recruiter team provides great matches, and therefore the hiring companies look forth to work with our exceptional services. Our success stories and testimonials can give you a brief overview of what they feel about us!

Standards Services is one of the finest recruitment agencies in Delhi which works for corporate houses, multinational companies and small to large businesses of all kinds because our expertise in the business and our sound team of recruiters are well informed about how to handle a diverse clientele.

Why we are the best HR Consultancy in Delhi?

For the past decade, as one of the best placement agencies in Delhi NCR, we have managed to make a difference in employment. You could say we have in-depth insights on each of the particular industries we work for. Companies can benefit from staff augmentation services or get temporary and contractual staff through us. Should your business lack in staff with leadership abilities, we will provide experienced and capable executive level professionals to move it forward. This is what we do differently: we get the staff that shines through a particular set of skills – exactly those skills which your company needs to flourish. After that, it’s us who will manage all the other hiring factors: payroll, training, benefits, etc.

Industries served by us

Standards Services is the best job consultancy in Delhi for firms that don’t yet have a strong HR department. Furthermore, we help these save time and money as we select the most suitable candidates based on the profile that is identified as appropriate for the envisioned progress.

We work as a top organization providing the best placement services in Delhi and have proficiency in the following industries and we make sure to cater to their specific needs:

  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Our list of clients will show you the magnitude of our projects and our success. Remember though: even if you are an entry-level candidate, a small business owner who is taking baby steps or a large multi-national representative, you can find here the adequate, perfectly tailored solutions to your situation. Diligent unlocks your potential and gets you much closer to your goals.

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