Visiting an NGO gives you a larger than life perspective. It opens up your mind and moves you to a trance where you realize that your problems are not just smaller; they actually do not exist. You start feeling that the miseries and problems you keep grumbling about every time, aren’t even there!

We hear people advocating social services and moral issues, because, at the end of the day, it is your serving to the society and your way of giving back to the nature and the world that counts. Visiting NGO’s once in a while, donating finances to the needy and extending a helping hand to the poor are the little contributions we can make every day, to bring about a little change to the humanity.

As a responsible citizen, we can be a part of charitable trusts, government organizations, and visit old-age homes, orphanages, organizations that work for the underprivileged – not just to console them, but to stand together with them. There are societies and citizens who are actively involved with these agencies, who willingly promote social values and civic goals through their participation and support.


Recently, when I got an opportunity to visit ‘The Earth Saviours Foundation’ – (T.E.S.F) – an internationally recognized NGO in the suburbs of Gurugram, Haryana on behalf of my company that I recently became a part of, I decided to embrace this experience. On further encounter with my colleagues, I learnt that the company pays visit to the NGO-come-old age home-orphanage every month-end as a holy social service. This day, the entire staff takes a day out to spend some good time with the highly-overlooked section of the society and help them with the needful – by providing them mental and psychological strength and a promise of assistance. Though deep down we knew that this won’t take them back to their homes, nor they would get away with their misery but this would certainly make them feel better and bring smiles on their faces. During times of despair, a ray of hope works wonders and we, regardless of anything, just did that.

Honestly, it was an enriching experience for me. We interacted with them, listened to their heart-wrenching stories, their struggles and the how ‘T.E.S.F’ has sheltered them with care and affection. Here, the affected people are assured lifelong shelter and a homely-feeling away from home. The foundation actively works for the underprivileged, poor, abandoned, single parents, victims of domestic violence, patients, and those affected by hazardous illnesses.

Though I came back with a heavy heart and disturbed thoughts, but I realized the harsh realities of life and mankind. The ‘Standards Services’ regularly visits the organization, volunteers by having a hearty conversation with them and serves them food. Many people also provide them clothes and food items.

The Earth Saviours Foundation is a proud recipient of “Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Prestigious Award for Excellence in Humanitarian Services” . Founded by Shri Ravi Kalra – a renowned Karma Yogi, social activist and ecologist, the organization completed 11 years in serving humanity and is still counting. Apart from human welfare, the association is also involved in dedicating services to the environment, animal welfare, and environment protection.

Having closely observed people in ‘The Earth Saviours Foundation’ and encountered with their grievances and stories, I hope to continue my support to the organization. As a responsible citizen, I urge people to come forward to join hands with these social service groups, agencies and associations that work for welfare of the stricken and derelict segment of our society with whatever inputs they can make. An NGO actively works in humanitarian, educational, health care, public policy, social, human rights, environmental, and other areas of social interest.