Computer Operation Representative:

1-10 Years


Job Details
✓Provide data through computer operation.
✓Monitor & operate daily system jobs.
✓Make the necessary changes to the documentation.
✓Start operations by entering commands.
✓Maintain operations by monitoring error messages, observing peripheral equipment, and making adjustments in the process.
✓Generate reports from batch jobs and distribute them to end-users.
✓Maintain logs for all monitored systems.
✓Solve user problems by answering questions and requests.
✓Computer Troubleshooting malfunctions.
✓Continuously monitoring the IT operations processing schedule.
✓Execution and maintain operations.

Qualifications Needed:
✓Data processing
✓Communication skills & Reporting skills
✓Productivity, Confidentiality & Problem-solving skills
✓Computer technical knowledge including documentation skills
✓Proper understanding of computer networks.
✓Ability to create and update documentation.
✓Any associate or another relevant qualifying degree in data processing technology or a related field is a must.
✓Datacenter experience.
✓Experience in an information technology environment.