Content Writer Job

1-10 Years


Job Details
To write and edit copies is the primary role of a content writer. Researching industry-related topics and writing clear content with crisp marketing copies that not only promote the respective products and services are important.
Depending on the degree, experience and work profile, there are multiple professions that further branch out from the field.

Responsibilities of a Content Article Writer
✓Primarily, a web content writer is responsible for creating engaging website content. Composing a compelling piece of valuable content, that is not only genuine, fresh but engaging.
✓Structuring well-crafted drafts that encapsulates the entire story in a simple and readable way is a must for a professional content writer.
✓Examples of content creation include writing website copies, white papers, blog posts, social media content, product/service descriptions, and other stories.
✓Composing a well structured content and maintaining a consistent chain of the content published.
✓As a blog content article writer, you should have the primary knowledge like strong research skills, knowledge of grammar and an enhanced understanding of SEO, and content marketing ideas.
✓Besides, having organizational skills, brilliant communication skills, and being able to proofread copies, and editing abilities are a must.
✓Staying up-to-date with the trending stories and subjects is important.
✓You should be interested in reviewing content copies to further make it an error-free and genuine & quality piece of the story.