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How to make a Resume for First Job

How to write a resume

how to write a resume

Writing a new application, addressing issues and organising information takes at least two days so that you can get a better job. The biggest blunder most people make is to throw a big opportunity in the last minute when an average CV is out. Describe your CV and application form as a work and polish it every two months. You never know when you will be asked for it.

Do not fill your CV with titles like Profile, Career Objective, and Skills, unless you want to look like someone who has followed the template. You can introduce your CV but there is no need to label it. You can actually have some sensible headers like Professional, Career and Personal – inside which you can showcase your skills / qualifications, the narrate your awards & achievements and the important details.

Your letter needs to sing, summarise, promise, capture the spirit of what’s best about you. Safe, boring, over-length, repetitive letters that regurgitate your CV or try to match every single minor point in the job definition will have one damaging effect on the reader – they will think you are not very bright.



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