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Sales Executive Job


  • Build relationships with clients by providing timely support, information, and guidance whenever needed.
  • Researching and recommending new opportunities.
  • Identifying product improvements and launching new products as per the industry trends.
  • Organize reports by bringing together primary data, analyzing, and summarizing information.
  • Staying up-to-date with professional and technical knowledge by attending regular workshops and seminars.
  • Evaluating professional publication reports, building personal networks. Also, referring to the latest industry practices and participating in societies.
  • Contributing to the team in every way possible.


  • As a Sales Representative, the individual is responsible for finding new customers through recommendations, networking, and cold calling.
  • Engaging with potential clients who can serve them in the future.
  • To be in charge of being insightful towards a specific industry, client, or any prime location for sales and marketing.
  • To plan, implement, manage, execute and supervise the overall sales strategy of an organization.
  • To plan and stage-manage the selling of products, goods, and services to customers and clients.
  • To market and sell products, by dealing with the customers in person.
  • To build up contacts and developing relationships with them keeping in mind the future prospects.
  • Another responsibility of a sales executive is to offer suggestions and recommending solutions.
  • Maintaining relationships with clients by providing on-time assistance and support, required information, and guidance.
  • Also to do extensive research of customer behavior and how to enhance sales ratio.
  • To lookout for new opportunities & recommending profit and service improvements.
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