Mukesh Kaushik MD

“Managing Director”

“It has been a sweet roller coaster ride for me. At a very early age, I understood that I’m meant for business but understanding where to invest my time and energy came with its own ups and downs and a better sense of clarity for my real calling. I started Standards Services on 17th January 2011 with the idea of bringing the right employees and the right organizations together. This was the vision with which standards services started as my brainchild. I began contacting organizations to understand their employee’s needs. I understood that most of the people when looking for an employee are looking for people who can become a part of the team and work in a way that is profitable for them in achieving the company goals as well as have emotional compatibility with the organization’s environment. When I started gathering my standards services team, I followed the same rule. The most important thing I took care of while hiring for my company was their compatibility in the company’s environment as well as professional skills. I tried to inculcate the vision in them with which I started the company and made sure that when they get down to recruiting people for other organizations, they too pick people with the right attitude for our clients.”