Receptionist Jobs

1-10 Years


Job Details
HR Recruiter is responsible for managing and monitoring all the aspects required for talent acquisition for organizations. To apply for HR Recruiter Jobs in Delhi, the aspiring recruiter would be responsible for employing the best talent as per the company policies.

✓Being the first person to entertain whoever comes in, your responsibility would be to communicate with the guests coming in.
✓Your primary job would be to greet the visitor, to know what they need and how you can help them.
✓You will be answering phone calls.
✓Resolve customer queries.
✓Manage all visitors and coordinating and scheduling appointments for them.
✓Research and retrieve information from the existing database.
✓Majorly, the communication would be verbal, either in person or through telephone.

✓Having a Bachelor’s Degree or any associate Degree is a must.
✓Prior expertise in the related field would add value.
✓Excellent verbal and written communication skills are important.
✓Able to work as a team with colleagues and contribute a share of responsibilities would make an optimistic receptionist.
✓The computer knowledgeable receptionist should have great time management skills.