Software Developer Job

1-10 Years


Job Details
HR Recruiter is responsible for managing and monitoring all the aspects required for talent acquisition for organizations. To apply for HR Recruiter Jobs in Delhi, the aspiring recruiter would be responsible for employing the best talent as per the company policies.

✓Researching, designing, implementing and managing software programs.
✓Testing and evaluating new programs.
✓Working closely with the other developers, UX designers, business and, systems analysts.
✓Testing and evaluating new programs.
✓Identifying the core areas for modification in existing programs.
✓Writing and implementing efficient codes.
✓Determining operational common sense and developing quality assurance measures.
✓Deploying various software tools, processes, and metrics.
✓Maintaining and upgrading existing systems and guiding, training users from time to time.

✓The applicant should have good communication skills – both written and verbal. ✓Knowledge of the computer systems and the latest developments in trends and technologies are important. ✓Having an analytical mind that grasps new technologies quickly and is able to modify and experiment. ✓The ability to communicate difficult practices to other colleagues. ✓Knowledge of commercial and business awareness is required along with having a keen eye to detail. ✓The ability to do enhanced industry research, to probe further into data.