Business Develop Manager Standards Services

“Business Development Manager”

I got associated with Standards Services in 2015 as Business Development Manager. To me, this place is about personal growth and realizing my full potential. I interact with clients and bring business to the firm on a daily basis. To me, this amount of interaction, in the beginning, was a little out of my comfort zone. But as they say, success never comes from being in the comfort zone; it comes from the constant hustle, learning from the situational demands and making every zone as our comfort zone. At Standards Services, my communication skills, persuasion skills and confidence in myself has increased many folds. I believe this feeling is essential as it gives a sense of self-worth and this is what I’ve promoted in the company also. I feel that a company can grow only when your employees are growing. I believe in becoming an essential part of every employee’s career growth plan and being their go-to- person. This organization has helped me evolve my personality altogether and I wish to have the same impact on the new joining as well.