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Before we begin our discussion on the things you need to focus on in order to develop a bright future for yourself, let’s look at this recent case we faced in our organization. We are one of the most respected Consultancy in Netaji Subhash Place and we keep receiving hundreds of resumes every day and keeping to the reputation we don’t let go even a single talent.  Recently we received an application of a young college fresher who was looking for a Job in NSP as a Social Media Marketing Executive. We thoroughly went through her resume and invited her for an interview. First of all, we tried to understand her job requirement and her skill set. We asked her why she was looking for Job in Netaji Subhash Place? To which she replied, “I live in Rohini and I wish to find a Job Near Me so that I don’t have to waste time traveling as I am preparing for further studies.” Though this girl was very talented and knew her skills well, we felt she was confused about her career choices. Unlike other Consultancies in Delhi, our team sat with her and helped her gain insight regarding the matters she needs to focus upon in order to get a job that allows her to use her full potential. Below are some of the points we came up with during our discussion.

1. Centralize yourself and keep a balance:

  •  It’s worthwhile to cultivate a single-pointed focus. It’s a major factor that defines an individual’s probability of success and failure. The focus is the key to getting things done. Focus allows us to prioritize our goals and move in one direction.
  • Avoid distractions: It’s important to keep yourself away from distraction. Distractions can be internal as well as external. So, we need to look within as well as focus on the external elements. We need to ask ourselves what’s really going on a regular basis. What is it that’s bringing flightiness or anxiety in your life? What is it that you need to be working on? It is essential to pinpoint the cause of distraction and work on it. Once you get clarity of your internal priorities, you need to see what external factors that matter to you. Make sure you clean up any distraction that is around you. Be it a messy thought process or a messy workspace.
  • Balance is essential. The biggest mantra of success is planning in a manner that has space for both works as well as leisure. Make a flow chart of how you would go about achieving your short term goals. There is a very famous saying that when we spend 15 minutes planning work, we save ourselves from 1 hour of confusion and wastage of time.
  •  Set a deadline. Whenever to start a job, it takes at least half an hour to set your mind on that and approx 90 minutes to bring out some productivity from that task. Once you are in the flow of doing that particular task, make sure you set a deadline. It is essential to set a deadline to finish the task as it keeps you on the toes and allows you to not procrastinate.

2. Start listening to your heart

  • Bring together passion and career. You’ll do anything you’re passionate about with all your heart and soul. Work wouldn’t feel like work if we follow our passion. It’s is important to love your work because it’s a lifelong commitment. Anything else would give stress today or maybe tomorrow.
  • Weight the pros and cons of the recommendations by heart and head. Identify your dominant choices and evaluate them accordingly. Validate and refine your conclusions based on feedback from others also. Once you know what you want to do, develop a game plan to secure your dream job. Identify and research your top prospects and contacts. Determine how you can distinctly set yourself apart from others and add immediate value.
  • Be practical but keep your imagination alive too. It’s a saying that practicality can take you from point A to B but imagination can take you anywhere. Take a step forward on pragmatic terms but also keep yourself open to risks and unknown fronts related to your profession.

3. Meditate and do exercise to prepare yourself for a long run

  • Look within to get the complete picture. This may involve meditating and getting the exercise that enables you to get “into the zone”. When you learn to focus on your breathing and what is going in your head, it helps you to calm down and manage stressful situations that are a part of our everyday life. Being able to tap into meditation exercises can give you some perspective and flexibility in times of anxiety in the office.
  • Emotional cleansing. Everyday organizational structures induce stress in employees. In this case, taking some time to meditate at any point of the day can allow for emotional cleansing because you’ve taken a moment to stop, observe, listened, and understand what is going on. Otherwise, days, months and even years could slip past unnoticed. When we practice our breathing exercises, such as through yoga, tai chi, and meditation, we allow ourselves to become open to life.
  •  Give yourself a break. One of the keys to doing great work is to know when to take a break. And what’s better than physical exercise and meditation to rejuvenate yourself. When you start to feel distracted, take a break, and then reassess and refocus yourself. It doesn’t just act as a reward–a short break can help your mind become clearer.

4. Keep your minor goals alive in you and prepare for them too

  • Short term goals, when created with well-formed criteria, offer incremental steps towards successfully achieving your bigger goals. Short term goals help you sail past challenges of staying motivated easily. People who make it big in life, design a career goal and then create incremental steps to ‘ladder up’ with short term goals.
  • Ripple effect of short term goals. Short term goals not just help you move forward in life, it also brings changes in your lifestyle by uplifting the self-image. It improves your career prospects and your sense of identity also shifts.
  • Improvement in mindset, attitude, and understanding of the work. Short term goals keep you motivated with the gradual improvement in your work and also let you know your shortcomings at the same time.

5. Encircle yourself with a peer group that fosters your growth

  • Peer group influences the personality. A peer group is both a social group and a primary group of people. Peer groups influence the personality of people, their behavior and beliefs. Based on the personality people make career decisions.
  • Peers provide different viewpoints. Peers groups contain hierarchies and distinct patterns of behavior. These distinct patterns allow people to choose from a variety of options that are currently available. The peer group allows people to have a safe space where they can be who they want to be and make explore options regarding their future.
  • The group provides the standard of behavior in the form of rules and regulations, dos and don’ts, attitudes, and opinions to be obeyed and upheld by every member of the group. Among peers, people learn the importance of having a stable career and making life choices that promote growth, professionally as well as personally. People also learn to compete with their peers and that motivates them to improve their craft and grow professionally. Socially our success is measured on the benchmark of the success of our peers.

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