Activities involved in the creation of a website is web development. It includes a simple page of HTML text to complex.
Hierarchy of Web Development

  • Database technology
  • Server-side coding
  • Client-side coding

Skills Required

  • Able to write HTML & CSS
  • Have a knowledge of basic application in an OOP Language like Python, Ruby, PHP
  • Ability to work on Version Control System like Git
  • Host Website
  • Able to layout a web application
  • JavaScript (or jQuery)
  • Manage a domain’s DNS settings
  • Make a website working

Web Developer Jobs Duties

  • Designing a Website using Coding
  • Communicating with Colleagues
  • Corporate with Team for more Innovations
  • Can fetch data using various back-end data services and database.

Professional Path of Web Developer

If you are planning to make your career in Web Developer jobs. Specialization in the following areas is required:

  • Web Designer: They basically designs the website. There focus is more on HTML, CSS, Query, Ajax etc. Preferably works on the front end.
  • Coder: Their main focus is on back-end such as Java, PHP, Python, .NET etc. Including front end.
  • Web Developer: They are the combination of Web Designer and Coder. Has to work on the front end as well as on back end. They are the experts.